Hypnobirthng classes in northamptonshire

It is often presumed that hypnobirthing puts the birthing mother into a state of trance where she isn't in control of her own mind or actions. This is not the case.  It's actually a variety of techniques used to enable you to, at a moment's notice, engage in a period of 'trance', or deep relaxation.


We all go in an out of trance every day, for example, have you ever driven home and then wondered how you got there? Or perhaps, you've found yourself daydreaming occasionally? Have you cried watching a film?  These are all natural states of trance.


Hypnobirthing teaches you take charge of any fearful and negative expectations you may have of birth, and to build confidence that birth without special circumstances can be a positive experience where you remain calm, relaxed and in control.

You will learn techniques that are powerful and yet simple, to ensure you are able to remain emotionally and physically relaxed during labour and birth.

One of only 20 instructors of The Calm Birth Method  these classes, give you everything you need to know to have a great birth, and they are fluid enough to make sure that you will get the best information for your personal circumstances, without missing out anything you need. 

Contact me for a free telephone consultation to find out more about giving birth in a calm, relaxed and joyful way. 

A brief overview of the course 

Understanding the birth process

Hypnobirthing and why it works

The tools and techniques for a calm and confident birth

Birth choices

Your birth partner's role

Writing your birth preferences

Understanding your rights - working with your midwifery professionals

Safely using Essential Oils in Pregnancy Birth & Beyond


You will be given 5 mp3s to listen to, that really focus your mind as well as giving you time to deeply relax.  You will also get access to the Calm Birth School members community where you will find a very supportive community to help you, in addition to the continued support you get from me.  The course is really designed to give you and your birth partner lots of confidence through knowledge, techniques and support, and for you to find your inner power


Private Classes
I offer private classes, as over the years I have been teaching I now feel that these work best for giving you the best birth preparation.  We work together to cover what you and your birth partner need and in a way that you need it. 

I come to your home and we work to find dates and times that suit us both. (Travel cost are included within 15 miles of NN7 3LS)

All Group Classes are Held In Nether Heyford - NN7 3LS

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