The Life Changing Magic of Hypnobirthing

All across the world people (including myself) have been swept up in KonMarieing their homes. The reason most people hear about it, or pick up the book to read it (you can pick it up here), is that they are living in a less than organised home, which is causing them anxiety in one form or another, and they want to find a way to help them stay on top of the clutter, and make it easy to tidy up. The concept behind it is that you only keep things that spark joy, discarding anything that does not. And the most amazing thing that people are finding is that, not only does it really work to help keep your home tidy, it actually is making huge changes in people’s personal lives, in the way they feel about what is important, the emotional baggage they have been carrying around is also disappearing, people are reporting huge shifts in their marriages, relationships with their children, better work lives, the list goes on. It really is life changing.

So what does this have to do with hypnobirthing? I hear you ask. Well, it occurred to me this morning, that actually a lot of what we do in hypnobirthing, is about keeping only those thoughts and learnings we have around birth that spark joy, and discarding those that do not spark joy or serve a purpose in our own birth stories in any way.

Through deep relaxation and focussed concentration, your subconscious mind learns to disregard all those negative birth stories we have learnt, by watching films, over sensationalised birth programmes, listening to traumatic birth stories (something that seems to come in abundance the moment we tell people we are pregnant – I mean, what is that all about?!?!)

And through repeated positive messages you receive while preparing for your birth - learning about how the body works, self-hypnosis sessions in deep relaxation and positive affirmations around birth, your subconscious learns about the joy of birth, and it is this that is the overriding emotion you feel the closer you get to the day your baby is born. And on the day, those negative thoughts and feelings that serve no purpose in our labour, have all been thrown out.

By only keeping positive thoughts about birth and throwing out fear, we enable our bodies to do what they are designed to do, and birth in a calm and comfortable way. And if you get thrown a curve ball, your fear is kept at bay as your subconscious knows that you have the skills to be able to make the decisions that are right for you and your baby on the day.

So, life changing magic of birth? Declutter your mind and keep only joy-sparking thoughts and feel the magic.

Find out more about sparking joy in your pregnancy by checking out my website or giving me a call on 07710 7721491.

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