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I just wanted to let you know that *Baby T* was born on 4th July at 9.40am, weighing 7lb6.


I had a pool birth at home, labour was 5hours10 from start to finish! Really focused on my breathing and was really relaxed throughout. Had gas and air for the last hour, it was bliss! *Dad* was amazing throughout and really kept me focused.


He's a gorgeous little boy with a full head of hair, and he's so chilled. We are totally in love.


Thank you for teaching us the way!  Rosie T 2015

I would highly recommend a hypnobirthing course to anyone who is thinking about it since it provides you with a range of tools that you can use to ensure you stay relaxed and positive about giving birth. It also gave my husband (birthing partner) a really important role in the birth of our child.  


The course that Annalie took us through was excellent. I highly recommend the course content; however, the value in attending Annalie’s course was the ability to ask every question that I had (even those ’stupid’ ones - there were plenty!), and for each to be thoroughly answered. Annalie also added all the extra colour that brings the course content alive in a meaningful way that makes the difference between understanding what to do and being able to put those tools into practice.  Annalie’s relaxed, approachable nature and willingness to ensure you are as prepared as much as possible are key reasons to choose a course with her.  I know that key information that Annalie provided made the difference throughout the birth preparation, and by ensuring the hospital staff knew how to support our hypnobirth. As a result, our daughter has been very healthy and contented, and there has been no need for any medical interventions.  Gillian C

“My partner wanted us to take a hypnobirth course to help us to have as natural a delivery as possible, I was sceptical about the benefits of hypnobirthing. But after taking the 4 session Wise Hippo Programme with Birth Harmony, I can honestly say it was a great asset to both our Pregnancy and birthing experience. Using the relaxation, hypnosis and breathing techniques my partner remained calm and confident though out pregnancy and labour. The course taught me that I had an important role to play during pregnancy and labour. “  Paul

"Our daughter, H was born at home last Thursday morning at 12.23am weighing 8lbs9oz after a two hour labour and no pain relief. Everything went very smoothly and we couldn’t have asked for better. Thank you very much, it was just what we needed!" Brid L 

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